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January 30, 2017
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Mommys Boy Makes A Mess


After finally getting rid of my idiot boyfriend, many months too late I might add, I just couldn’t let go of how much he got to me. He was messing me around for month, promising me all kinds and then letting me down time after time. In the end he was spending more time with his mates than me and the final straw came when he decided flirting with girls at the bar was much better than sitting down with a meal for me. Enough of the moaning, I know I was stupid to put up with him for so long but love is blind and all that. I probably should have just forgot about him as soon as I give him the push but I couldn’t go without a final send off from me! I have been wanting to glitter bomb someone for ages and now I had the perfect opportunity and, boy, was it worth the wait.

Glitter bombs are awesome! The ex still lived with his mum, a proper mummies boy he is, so a glitter bomb mail would not only piss him off but keep his mum pissed off at him for a while too. It is safe to say that he would have been in the dog house by the looks of the picture he sent me, to ask if it was me. It looks like he opened the parcel as soon as he picked it up from the floor because the hall carpet looked an ABSOLUTE mess! I was cracking up laughing when he sent his rant filled texts but I chose to ignore him, like I should have done a long time ago. I continued to ignore him and have not seen him since but we did have a mutual college friends who tells me his mum nagged him for weeks as the glitter was being hoovered up for days on end and even ended up in the dogs poo after him helping to hoover it up, hilarious. He probably does know it was me, but I have never admitted it and if I did ever see him I could just blame one of the many other girls he has messed about with. Moral of the story boys, treat your girls the way they should be instead of being a prick and you may just stay out of trouble with your mummy!

Thanks Glitter Bomb Mail