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January 30, 2017
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February 4, 2017
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Glitter Bombs and My Girlfriend

Glitter bombs are the bomb!

My Girlfriend and I are always playing pranks on each other, its kind of how we have always been. Some days it is just silly things like leaving fake spiders out or replacing sugar with salt but now and again we like to think out of the box and try to surprise each other. I had heard about glitter bomb mail from a friend and thought it would be a fun prank to play, lighthearted but still a pain in the ass! I knew the idea was that the glitter would be a nightmare to get out of whatever it landed on but at least it would get her cleaning up a bit! Only joking, what I really had in mind was helping her wash it off herself! Anyway, I signed up the next day and, hey presto, my girl was about to get bombed big style!

The day before the glitter bomb UK was due to arrive, I played a few little pranks that got her a little wound up but not too much. That meant that the next day, she would fall for me pretending to make it up to her with a little pampering session. I headed home early to get a few candles lit around the bath, nice music and all that and left a glass of wine and her ‘special’ parcel on the side of the bath. When she was due home, I ran a big bubbly bath and waited for the action to begin. Of course, she was made up and all over me like a rash before I left her to it. I went away to make dinner (sat outside the bathroom) and waited for the explosion. After lots of oohs, ahhhs, and “what’s this” she suddenly let out the biggest scream, it was brilliant. I didn’t see the bomb go off but I sure could see the mess it made, IT WENT EVERYWHERE. As I walked back into the background to be greeted with “You little fucker” I couldn’t stop laughing and neither could she, once she had spat all the glitter out of her mouth. Only problem is, I went to give her a quick kiss to say sorry and she bloody threw a load of glitter covered bubbles all over me, so I was covered in the stuff too. It too FOREVER to wash out of the bath probably, I reckon I still find some on me three weeks later. SO worth to though, they’re so funny.