Glitter Bombs and My Girlfriend
February 4, 2017
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Glitter Bomb In The Car

Oh I’m sorry, did your car get dirty?

I had completely had enough of my boyfriend’s obsession with his flaming car! I’m sure he loves it more than me, well I think he loves it more than anything (apart from himself that is). Don’t get me wrong, I love him and all that but sometime I just wish he would pay ME a little bit of attention instead of washing and polishing his car every 5 minutes. After a frustrating day of me sitting twiddling my thumbs whilst he preened his precious car, I decided enough is enough and the minx in me decided it was time for a prank. I know he probably sounds a little boring with his car obsession but he can have a laugh, at least I thought he could, ha ha!

As I was painting my nails I suddenly remembered seeing a clip of a glitter bomb mail and my eyes lit up. After a quick online search, I entered my boyfriends details and paid for a glitter bomb to be sent over to his flat. He always picks up his mail on his way to work and I knew he would be too intrigued by the glitter bomb mail to leave it until he got home. I couldn’t stay over the days that the package was due to arrive but it added to the fun, imagining his face when it went off and his precious baby was covered in pink glitter! I sat giggling away at work, waiting for my phone to ring and for the ranting to begin when soon enough my phone lit up with the expected “I am going to kill you”. It was followed by picture messages of him and the car completely covered in glitter. I called him up as soon as I could and he was so mad that he put the phone down on me. He still picked me up from work as planned, with the car still covered in glitter, despite him trying to clean it up! He hardly said a word to me and at one point I was regretting pranking him but, every time I looked at him I couldn’t sop laughing as his face was twinkling with all the glitter. After long silences and lots of glances over at me, he finally gave in and let out the biggest laugh I have heard from in a while. He did have the final word in letting me know that he will be getting be back, so I will just have to wait and see what I have in store!