Got someone you wanna bomb? Here’s the process.


Think Revenge

Who would you like to anonymously bomb with glitter? This stuff gets EVERYWHERE. This could be an ex, a ‘friend’, an asshole of a boss, even ya Grandmother. We don’t care.

Place an order on the site

Yeah that’s right, it costs money. On the flip-side, just imagine the look on the face of your victim whilst cleaning up heaps of glitter. Its worth it. Don’t worry, we ship worldwide.

We begin construction

The moment your payment hits our account is the moment your devastating glitter bomb of mass destruction begins to be constructed. When we say there’s a load of glitter – this is not an understatement. You’ve been warned.

We ship that shit

We ship that shit. Anonymously, the bomb is then deployed to your victim. Sit back, relax and wait to hear about it. We guarantee, they’ll be more than pissed off. Sit in the corner and lol at what you’ve done. Its beautiful.


What about sending a glitter bomb do you not understand? Just read below.

How does your service work?

Read the process bit. Buy a bomb, enter victim’s address. We ship. Done.

What happens when I pay?

Are you kidding me? READ THE PROCESS PAGE.

Can I add a note in the bomb?

Of course, we’ll put anything ya like. Leave it in the notes with your order. Or we can write one for you.

Will the person know that I sent the bomb?

Not unless you tell them, No. All bombs sent are 100% anonymous.

What are the bombs like?

These are ULTRA FINE glitter bombs – we use the smallest glitter possible to ensure that they are vacuuming at least 2 months after the bomb. They really do go everywhere.

What’s the price?

$14.99. That includes free shipping WORLDWIDE.

Why do people send glitter to people they hate?

Because, glitter my friends, is the most annoying stuff on earth. We had one victim who apparently opened it in her car. She’s still finding glitter. This was a month ago.

Why are you so hung up on glitter?

Go f**k yourself.


Yeah, that’s right, we quite literally DO have fans. You sick people.

  • Dear GBM, I’d like to thank you for your glitter bomb surprise sent to my ex-girlfriend. She and I still work together and she opened it AT work. She still has glitter in her keyboard. Awesome!
    Alan Trench
    Long Island, USA
  • Hahahaha! It worked! I ordered this on the off-chance of it not being a shitty letter full of glitter like the last company. I watched my mate open it and it truly did go fucking everywhere! It was hilarious! He still doesn’t know it was me! HAHA.
    Preston, UK


So, you ready to ruin someone’s day? Let’s get this shit started.

Ok, so you’ve gone through the process, the FAQ’s and the reviews and you are now ready to ship a glorious all singing, all dancing, spring-loaded glitter bomb mail to someone. Just fill out the form here and then click ‘buy now’.

Then you’ll be redirected to Paypal to take your payment for your sabotage. Yes, we know Paypal is shit – maybe send them some glitter? After receiving the payment we’ll get this sorted for you and send said wonderful glitter bomb to your victim. Done. If you have a note for your victim, please say with order. We’ll do that for you. For free. Because we are like that.

Oh, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and occasionally maybe use that other one with the bird symbol. It’s shit yes, but, we like hearing about what happened to our victims. We are sick.